When You Shop

Earn Money for Ocee
The Community Support committee offers several opportunities for everyone, including friends and family, to help earn money for Ocee.  When you shop at the following retailers, a small percentage is donated back to Ocee!  Also,  when you clip special labels and "Box Tops coupons" off of product packaging, our coordinators can exchange them for money or supplies from the manufacturers.  All of these programs operate throughout the year so you can always earn while you shop!  

How it works:  Scan your Publix Partners card during check out at any Publix (except Florida) and a percentage of your eligible purchase will go to Ocee.  For every $37,500 our supporters collectively spend, Publix will give $250 to Ocee.

How to get set up:  Go to the Customer Service desk at Publix on State Bridge near the school.  Ask for a Publix Partner card for Ocee Elementary and begin using the card!  You may also pick up a card at Ocee Elementary in the lobby.  Give a card to your friends and family. 

How it works:  Scan your Kroger Plus card during check out and a percentage of your eligible purchase will go to Ocee.  You must re-enroll every year.

How to get set up:  Go to Kroger.com and sign in (or register if you don't have an online account).  Click on your name in the upper right corner.  Select Community Rewards and click Enroll.  Type "Ocee" in the search parameter.  Select "Ocee Elementary School" (number 93729) and click Enroll.

How it works:   Provide our school ID (70118599) when you checkout or enter your receipt number later at http://www.officedepot.com/backtoschool/display.do. This will not affect your personal Rewards earning.

How to get set up:  No set up required. 

How it works:  Start your Amazon shopping at smile.amazon.com and a percentage of your eligible purchase will go to Ocee.  AmazonSmile has all the same products and prices as Amazon.  A one-time set up is required.  

How to get set up:  Go to smile.amazon.com and sign in to your Amazon account.  In the search box, type "Ocee PTA" and click the search button.  In the search results, select "Ocee Elem PTA".  Change your Amazon bookmark to point to smile.amazon.com instead.  

Before you toss that package, look for one of these special lables and clip it for cash for Ocee!  Ocee PTA will remind you to collect and send them in with your child throughout the school year.  Remember it's hip to clip!  Printer friendly version of "What to Collect" here!

Enter Codes from                                 products at

Codes are printed under bottle caps or inside the flap of boxes of cans.